Trend Alert: Wallpaper Trends 2019

New to Luxos Urbanos, wallpapers are a great and easy alternative to add an extra touch to your decor. After all, a paper wall is enough to bring personality and authenticity to your home.

And for those who like to keep abreast of trends, we've brought you some wallpaper options that are trending in 2019 (but that will look good in your home for many, many years!).


Gone is the time of squares, circles, triangles and diamonds - 2019 is the year of the hexagon! It is a much more complex shape than others that are most commonly used in wallpaper designs. It's also quite versatile and can be used on its own for a more minimalist look or combined with other images to create something truly unique.

Some wallpaper styles use hexagons as a frame, giving it a flatter 2D look like Hexagon Plum above. There is something complex but refined about the hexagon, which is why it is our new favorite geometric shape for wallpaper patterns.

Contemporary floral

For the most part, floral wallpaper tends to emphasize a more classic or traditional approach to images, with light colors and pastel colors. The truth is that floral wallpaper is a timeless category and easy to please.

However, another wallpaper trend for 2019 is to use floral patterns in a more modern way.

Minimalist and stylized tree lines such as wallpaper Indigo Floral Meadow shown above are a good choice. You will have the combination of floral-themed images with a contemporary aesthetic.

The darker color of your background takes us to our next trend ...

Deep Colors

A wallpaper trend for 2019 is the use of deeper color shades, but combined with other colors. Navy blue, burnt red, mustard yellow, forest green - we are thrilled to see rich and deep color palettes within the space.

Colors can affect the mood of the space and dark color tones are no exception. Lighter colors tend to create a warm and upbeat aesthetic. Darker colors create a warm atmosphere and, depending on the color you choose, can range from romantic to mysterious, such as Petrol Blue Canvas above.


While we are trending bold wallpapers, we can also rely on a more subtle approach. Translation: Beige doesn't have to be boring. As long as there is texture, light interactions or even a two-dimensional design, neutral tones can be used and abused.

The wallpaper Catkin Almond Gold is the perfect translation of this trend, with its metallic background that adds a little daring to the classic.

This trend can bring depth to space without insisting on being the center of attention.

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