Best Pet Rugs

Pets and rugs can be a scary combination. Stains, hair or odor on your favorite rug can spoil your mood.

However, many people want to combine the beauty of the rug with the company of a pet. That's why Luxos Urbanos has put together some tips on how to keep both you and your pets happy with an amazing and tidy floor.

Read below how to choose the most pet friendly rugs.

1. What to avoid

Fuzzy rugs and tall rugs are also difficult to clean and maintain when pets are home.

It is also good to avoid very long rugs or carpeting. Smaller rugs are better because they can be cleaned at home or, for stubborn stains, sent for professional cleaning.

2. Outdoor Rugs

Have you considered an outdoor rug indoors? If you haven't thought about it yet, think again, especially if you have pets. Outdoor rugs are one of the best rugs for dogs and cats.

These are durable, thick, and easy-to-clean rugs. Because outdoor rugs are made to withstand the sun, rain, heat and wind, they tend to be a great match for most pets.

3. Synthetic Materials -geometrica-origami

You may think natural material rugs are the best choice for animals, but this idea could not be more wrong. Carpets with natural materials trap the scent of animals on their fur forever.

A good alternative is rugs made of synthetic materials such as Origami made with polypropylene or polyester. These rugs should not stain or retain odors.

4. Match the color of the animal

Choose colors wisely. If you have a white cat, a black carpet is clearly not a good option.

Use your pets as a source of inspiration when it comes to choosing color themes. If you go for the colors that match your pet, the chance of having hair spots on the rug becomes less likely.

5. Opt for shorthair rug

Low-rugs are easier to maintain and receive much less damage. Fuzzier, taller rugs give animals the opportunity to dig and bury things inside them, so this is not the best option.

Some downy rugs can actually stick and trap fur, so if your pet is a furry type, tall fur rugs may not be your best choice.

6. Washable rugs

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If you don't want to go for an outdoor rug, we have a choice of up to 30º washable rugs like the Dakar .

Also, washable rugs are also non-slip - your pet can run around, and you don't have to worry about them flying or removing the rug.

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