6 Ideas for Turning Your Bedroom into a Zen Sanctuary

If there is any place in your house that needs to convey peace, this is the room. After all, we spend half our lives sleeping and another large part resting in our room.

The room is also one of the few places in the house where we can isolate ourselves from the chaos outside. But turning your space from a source of chaos to a place that conveys tranquility is easy after a few simple steps.

So if you are thinking of renovating your room or moving, we have some easy tips that will help you turn your room into a true Zen sanctuary and, believe me, you don't want to leave!

1. Less color


Having a colorful room is fun, but the minimalist colors are soothing and create a more peaceful atmosphere. So instead of having a lot of bold patterns and shades, choose a neutral decor with subtle patterns and 1 or 2 touches of color.

Blue shades are great for the room, like the Shale Blue wallpaper above.

2. Feng Shui

Moving your furniture is a simple and cost-effective way to create a calmer atmosphere. Play around with different positions until you find something that feels relaxed, or at least you feel less confused than before.

In Feng Shui art, the ideal position for your bed is in front of the door and against the wall. Start with that, and you might be surprised.

3. Texture Elements


Texture can be incorporated into the decoration in many ways. Think about pillows, rugs, wall hangings, baskets, plants and even wallpaper.

Some people have a misconception that the wallpaper is outdated or even archaic. With so many new wallpaper designs, there's no reason not to give the walls a new textured look - even if it means a single highlight wall.

Our suggestion is Fossil wallpaper, which has a light texture and minimalist pattern.

4. Go back in time


Not literally, but vintage decor is coming back. The natural woods and geometric patterns of the 70s, combined with their warm colors, are a wonderfully warm touch for any room.

The Numba rug is a great choice!

5. Wall Art

Bare walls are boring and can damage your mood. You want your room to reflect who you are, so it must be personal.

Take this as an opportunity to make your bedroom walls an extension of your personality. Add a splash of color or create a highlight wall as a focal point. At this link we teach you how to create a perfect highlight wall.

6. Floral Touches 

https://www.luxosurbanos.com/meadow -floral-charcoal-ochre-1

Nature and art, when combined, create tranquility. Choose some decoration pieces that have a floral touch and make you feel at peace, such as the Meadow wallpaper.

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