5 Tips on Using Round Rugs

A round rug can be used to be more of a focal point in your environment than just a covering, because compared to a basic rectangular rug you will notice that a round rug really stands out, especially when it has different finishes. and colors.

But, like any rug, considerations of how much space it should take up, exactly where it should be centered, and what kind of environment can be used sometimes confuses even the most seasoned designers.

Thinking about these issues, Luxos Urbanos has prepared a guide on how to use round rugs in your home, in a way that we find easy to implement and use.

If, after reading these tips, you opt for a new round rug, email us with the chosen rug, the size (as if it were a square) and the finish.

1. Highlight other curved objects


Other round objects in a room are often unique and impressive, so combine them with a round rug.

This will bring cohesion to the environment and highlight the curves of objects, making them an even more remarkable design feature.

A good example of this is using a round rug under a round table. Just make sure the rug is large enough to accommodate dining chairs, even when you pull them in.

2. In a minimalist design environment


In a room where design and furniture have been kept to a minimum, a round rug has even more opportunity to show off its curvy shape.

In addition, round carpets tend to smooth out the sometimes sharp and rough edges that some minimal spaces may have.

3. You want to create a distinct zone


If your home has a broader architecture, such as a loft, or your room is large enough to include a separate functional space, such as a reading nook, a round rug can help define this space.

Just make it big enough for all major pieces of furniture to touch the rug, or place the furniture on it.

4. You want your room to look bigger


Using a round rug in a small space is a trick that designers use all the time to make a room look larger because the curve of a round rug encourages the eye to wander around the room.

The round rug also makes the furniture look ventilated, preventing the environment from being full of furniture.

A circular rug also creates a focal point on the floor, helping to distract yourself from the limited space of a small room.

5. In environments where rectangular rugs don't work

https://www.luxosurbanos.com/tapete-sob -lisbon-measure

Sometimes, due to the size and placement of your furniture, structural impediments such as columns or walls that do not form a typical rectangle or square or even the space required to open the door, a standard carpet size simply does not work.

It is in these situations that a round rug can save the day. Compared to a straight carpet, its curved shape can take up less space and allow many of these challenges to go unnoticed.

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