Outdoor Rugs: All you need to know

Have you considered leaving your garden or your porch as elegant as the interior of your home? Not? For with the outdoor rugs of Urban Luxuries this is not only possible as it is at the click of becoming a reality.

In addition, now in the summer is the ideal time to begin to include the outer carpets in your decor.

So take your lemonade and join us in this article. You will learn all about outdoor rugs and we are sure that in the end you will want one to call your own.

What are outdoor rugs?

Outdoor rugs are mats resistant to UV rays, which means they will not fade under direct sunlight. It is also resistant to mold and mildew and even water resistant.

Unlike indoor rugs, rugs for outdoor areas often have no hairs, which help them also cope with wear and tear.

One of the benefits of outdoor rugs is that they can also be used indoors, and the same does not happen in reverse: indoor rugs work only indoors. >

Types of outdoor rugs There are several types of outdoor rugs: those made with natural fibers such as sisal, hemp and jute, and those with synthetic coatings.

As rugs with natural materials may have a shorter shelf life, Luxos Urbanos has in its catalog only outdoor rugs with synthetic material. The great advantages are that synthetic coatings, such as polypropylene, often come in a wide range of bright colors, can be easily washed and dry quickly.

Why choose outdoor rugs?

Some reasons for you to choose an outdoor rug for your home today: Built for battle: Outdoor rug is built to fight against elements and people. It is water resistant, mold and mildew resistant and UV stable.

Economic: Want a new decoration in your home? Or protect your floor? The outdoor rug is a cheap option, just one to give another life and extra protection to your floor.

Outdoor Comfort: Carpet is what makes your home comfortable.

It is what allows your children to play on the floor without having bruised knees. Now the exterior can be as comfortable to play and relax as the interior!

Where to start

After all these explanations, the question remains: Where to start? Which rug to choose?

Calm, Urban Luxuries helps you.

We've separated some options that are sure to fit your house!

1. Royal Rug width: 499.649px; height: 347px;

To learn more details, download here .

2. Tease Rug

      To learn more details, click here .

      3. Saloon Rug

      To learn more details, download here .

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