Long fur rug: to have or not to have?

There are those who wrinkle their nose at the long pile carpets. There are also those who do not need a fluffy rug in the living room or bedroom. But what we can all agree on is that there is no better feeling than sinking your fingers into a long-haired rug, especially on cold days.

If you are in doubt about whether or not you have a long fur rug, we have prepared a guide that will help you make a decision and not regret it! See below.

What are long pile rugs?

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A rug is a collection of fibers (natural or synthetic), and the height and looseness or stiffness of these fibers (as well as their softness, color and texture in general) affect how we perceive them when we step on, we sit or lie on them.

Carpets with long hair are those with higher and looser fibers. Low-pile rugs, in contrast, have shorter fibers with tighter fabric ties.

How to use in decoration


High pile rugs are best for rooms with little traffic (guest room, office or reading corner) as they are more difficult to clean.

With a unique and cozy aesthetic, it is ideal to place your long fur rug in a prominent place. Show it by placing it under pieces of furniture with opposite elements. For example, a dark wooden coffee table on a tall white rug creates a sharp contrast and enhances the soft texture of the rug.

How to clean a fur rug

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Cleaning a high-pile carpet is not unlike a short-haired carpet: always check the supplier's cleaning instructions. < / p>

If the carpet is not washable, vacuum the hair as needed. Turn the rug over to expose the fabric bottom. Vacuum this surface monthly or as needed to remove more dirt.


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