Decorate with Teal Blue

Teal is a blend of blue and green and one of the colors most loved by decorators. And no wonder, as teal is able to incorporate depth, calm and warmth into any environment of your home.

The truth is that this color tone has already become a classic that works with almost every style, from eclectic to traditional, from clean to bold.

In this article we teach you how to incorporate this greenish blue into your home in an elegant and unique way.

1. Teal with Teal

There are few colors that you can combine several decoration items of the same shade and not feel totally overwhelmed, the teal is one of them.

With such a wide range of shades, it can be used from upholstery to prints to carpets and walls.

2. Strong but never confusing -measure-dublin

Teal is a strong color, but being in the blue family, it has a rare combination of strength and tranquility.

With the Dublin rug you can order a custom size and the larger the prettier it is. It really anchors the color point and adds that necessary touch of individuality.

3. Marine supplement

A very blue environment can be quite cold, although it is a favorite color of many people.

But from navy blue to denim tones, add a touch of teal and the mood of the house will be lifted.

4. With golden

Want an instant touch of elegance? Combine teal with gold in your living room, lobby or bedroom.

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