How to create a statement wall

Adding a standout wall is a great way to add color and personality to your home, choosing bold or classic. A neutral colored wallpaper with a delicate pattern can make a huge difference in a simple environment.

But how do you choose which wall to use? And how with so many options available?

We've separated some tips that will help you create the long-awaited highlight wall. You'll find it simpler than you think!

Deep Colors

Want to dare on the wall color but are afraid of getting too much, opt for a plain but deep color wallpaper like The Canvas Plum above.

Plain patterns are a good choice especially if you are hanging wallpaper around large windows and doors. Much is happening and there may be a lack of symmetry.

Hang a rug

Rugs are not just for the floor. Hang yours on the wall to bring pattern, texture and warmth to a room. To do this, you will need a carpet-width wooden slat and velcro strips.

A good choice is

lower-colored and colorful carpets such as Nanny .

Dare with large prints

Want to dare a little more? Opt for bold prints like Agate Jade .

If it's in the living room, choose a wall you'll always see, such as the front of the couch, the wall of the TV, or the front door.

In a bedroom, hang it behind the bed, even if you have a headboard.

A little metallic doesn't kill anyone

For a more sophisticated looking environment, nothing beats a wall with metallic details.

At Luxos Urbanos, you can choose between gold, silver and rosé gold.

Our bet is Gianni Foil in gunmetal and silver colors. It looks great in the dining room, living room and even a toilet!

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