How to combine your decor with geometric pattern rugs?

11 | 07 | 2019
How to combine your decor with geometric pattern rugs?

Want to give a different touch to your decor and think about using a rug with a geometric pattern? Do not be afraid, Urban Luxuries will help you harmonize your home!

First of all, take the tape measure and measure the room in which you want to put your new rug, be it your living room, dining room or bedroom. There's nothing worse than buying your dream carpet, but it's too small or too big, is not it?

Now follow the tips:

1. Have a focal point

Please note: is your carpet already colored? Is your bedding printed? Is your dining table long and imposing? If you answered yes to one of these questions, it means that these objects are already the focal points of these rooms. Therefore, the ideal is to bet on neutral geometric carpets, which will not "fight" with the rest of the decoration.

Our tip is the carpet Tile .

2. Colors bring meaning

    Contrary to the previous point, if you intend to use the rug as the focal point of the room, choose the right colors. So, if you want to create an inviting environment, opt for warm colors on your rug. Similarly, if you want to have a room with an energetic tone, consider bright and contrasting colors in the geometric design. If you choose soft colors, pastel and cold shades, you will get a calm and peaceful vibe.

    If this is the case, opt for Hera Blue .

    3. The right composition

      You need to pay attention to the composition of the rug before you buy it so that it meets your needs. If you own children at home, polyester rugs are the best option, as this material has antiallergenic properties.

      The rug Waves is a good choice.

      These tips should help you have a starting point for when choosing a geometrically patterned rug for your home. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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