Classic Blue: The Pantone color for 2020

On December 4th, Pantone released the color of the year 2020, Classic Blue, with the justification by the company that we are living in times that require peace and tranquility.

According to the Executive Director of Pantone, "with the transmission of calm, trust and connection, this shade of blue highlights our desire for a reliable and stable foundation on which we need to build a new era."

The good news is that this color promises to please for a long time, and not only during the next year. This shade of blue is timeless, elegant and simple.

See our selection of carpets and wallpapers with Classic Blue:

1- Trendy Rug -vintage-blue-viscose-trendy

2- Kiev Blue Carpet -measure-kiev

3- Rabat Blue Wallpaper

4- Oslo Carpet -Measurement them

5- Cairo Carpet / carpet-to-measure-washable-non-slip-cairo

6- Indigo Canvas Wallpaper

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