6 carpet trends for 2020

New year, new trends! Starting with the type of fur and textures and going to the colors and patterns, each year that passes there is a greater desire for certain types of carpets.

The secret here is to align the trend with your personal taste. Otherwise, there is no point in having a fashion house if you are not comfortable in it, right?

So come and see the trends for 2020 and choose your favorites!

1- Embossed texture


By combining cuts and high relief, it is possible to have unique and elegant patterns and textures.

The patterns are super hot now in all types of rugs and these with embossed texture have been in trend for several years. Although it is not normally a rug to be put in the entire house, they are great for environments in which you want to bring more prominence.

2- Customized rugs


Forget the challenge of finding rugs that fit your room perfectly! With custom-made rugs, you can order the rug in the right size, with the perfect color and the preferred finish.

In other words, the power to create the rug of your dreams is now in your hands and that fits perfectly into your space. In addition, they usually end up being cheaper than traditional rugs.

This trend is nothing new and will be on the rise at least throughout the new decade. The trend to use made-to-measure rugs to create your own design will only continue to grow.

3- Strong colors


As rugs are no longer used in carpet form today, many people are choosing this decorative piece to bring color and highlight to some environments.

Oranges, purples and multicolored are popping up all over the place!

4- The color blue

https : //www.luxosurbanos.com/tapete-vintage-azul-viscose-trendy

It is no coincidence that the color of 2020 is classic blue. This color is here to stay!

After all, is there a color more calming and serene than blue? It adds a touch of color without overwhelming the space.

Blue is a good transition between neutral rugs, with enough subtlety to match various styles and decorations.

5- The "Ombre" effect

https://www.luxosurbanos.com/tapete-azul -gradation-blue

The ombre look with the color transitioning from the lightest to the darkest has expanded from hair to virtually all styles.

In the carpet trend, you will see bright and bold colors with an ombre effect, something that was only recently possible. Or, at least, just recently, it started to look good.

6- Geometric pattern

https://www.luxosurbanos.com/tapete-padrao -geometrico-origami

The day of plain carpets is over! One of the biggest trends in the carpet industry is the rug with modern patterns.

The designs with lines, triangles and hexagons will be one of the hottest trends this year.

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