10 Rugs for Classic Homes

Forget about minimalist decorations and fads. If your decoration preference is classic and timeless pieces, we already have some options of rugs that will be your pleasure.

The great advantage of classic rugs is that they always look good with any decor. Classic rugs also tend to be more cozy.

From oriental rugs to arabesques, check out our selection:

1- Pixie

https://www.luxosurbanos.com/tapete -arabesco-viscose-pixie-beige

2- Folk

https://www.luxosurbanos.com/tapete-vintage -viscose-folk

3- Trojan

https://www.luxosurbanos.com/tapete -vintage-neutral-viscose-trojan

4- Aztec

https://www.luxosurbanos.com/tapete -vintage-blue-viscoze-aztec

5- Myth

https://www.luxosurbanos.com/tapete -vintage-black-gray-myth

6- Saga

https://www.luxosurbanos.com/tapete -clear-neutral-viscose-saga

7- Mist

https://www.luxosurbanos.com/tapete Beige-Black-Viscose-Mist

8- Trivial


9- Ruby

https://www.luxosurbanos.com/tapete golden-red-ruby viscose

10- Sasha

https://www.luxosurbanos.com / vintage-wine-purple-viscose-sasha rug

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